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photo of Jan Peto
Mountain guide Jan Peto

I was born in 1955 in Ruzomberok. The town is surrounded by beautiful nature and from near Kalvaria it is posssible to see the panorama of the nicest mountains in Slovakia. Mountains and nature have greatly affected my life journey.

When I was 12 years old I began to climb on Haliny under Malino Brdo. My further youthful steps were aimed to The Hight Tatras to get familiar with all touristic routes. As a 16-year-old boy I joined the mountaineering club and I was regularly spending my free time with my friends in mountains and on the rock cliffs. My love to the mountains and nature led me to the  studies at Faculty of forestry in Zvolen. During that time I began to climb in foreign countries. After my studies I found my job at The Department of Avalanche Precausion of Mountain rescue in Jasna at which I worked as its executive to 31.12.2010. From 1.1.2011 I am retired and have been going on with my job of a mountain guide with international UIAGM license and expert in the field of snow avalanches.

During my studies, mountaineering ascents and practices of avalanche professional and mountain rescue worker I learnt a lot of knowledge and experiences from alpine world that I have been giving to my family, friends and in the future I'll give them to all who will be interested in my guiding services.

Professional mountain education:
under Chan Tengri
In base camp under Chan Tengri
on Usba
View from Uzba to Schelda
  • year 1971 member of the slovak mountaineering association IAMES
  • year 1976 climbing instructor of the first class
  • year 1980 professional member of Mountain rescue, avalanche specialist at The department of avalanche precausion in Jasna
  • year 1990 mountain guide for Slovakia
  • year 1994 mounatin guide with international licence UIAGM
Mountaineering ascents:
  • more than 400 difficult ascents in the High Tatras
  • The Alps (Piz Palu middle pillar, Edge of Brenvy on Mt.Blanc, Grossglockner Pallavicini's culoir and other)
  • Kaukaz (Uzba 4888 m.n.m., Elbrus 5628 m.n.m, Dzantugan 3988 m.n.m.)
  • Western Tan-San, Ugam mountain-ridge (Kyzyl Bas 4284 m.n.m, Druzba 4148 m.n.m. - first ascents)
  • Central Tan-San (Chan Tengri 7010 m.n.m.)
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